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About Us

GN Technology (M) Sdn Bhd (GNT) was established since 1995 with two factories with 8000m2 of production area located at Senai & Kempas, Johor, Malaysia. Apart from local market, export products were facilitated by sea and airport in Senai, Pasir Gudang and Singapore.

GNT is a ISO 9001:2015 “Quality Management System” certified manufacturer, backed by a team of well-trained and experienced management & technical personnel. GNT is well qualified as a one-stop flexible plastic packaging supplier in the niche market.
Our production process begins from basic plastic resin going through various stages of process such as blowing, corona treatment (optional), on/off-line printing, gusset forming (optional) and cutting. In every stages of process there are also certain types of addictive or treatment to be included to meet our customer or end user’s specific requirements or specifications.

An ideal product proposal from GNT is always not just to fulfill the client’s packaging requirement but aesthetic, durability, ease of handling and cost of production are essential factors to the decision. Exceeding the client’s requirement & acceptance level is imperative but meeting the GNT standard & our self-expectation is just a margin.
Our Mission and Vision

Plastic has certain unique characteristics over other packaging medium like metal, paper or wooden box. In general, it is relatively light & cheap, easy to handle/produce and recyclable.

Through the continuous acquisition of latest plastic technology and the awareness of the new developed resin, every GNT product is in the good hands of our product development team. As far as possible, in every production stages, GNT team always has the environmental friendliness in mind, making sure every piece of GNT’s product is reusable and recyclable. With the conscious and responsible mind and action, the impact to our mother earth for the usage of plastic product shall be sustainable.

GN Technology(M)SDN.BHD.(GNT)は1995年にマレーシアのジョホ一ル州に設立されました。生産拠点は総生産面積8000㎡を有する2つの工場をジョホ一ル州南部のスナイとスクダイに設けています。この拠点の立地戦略を通して流通は国内市場へだけでなく、スナイ、パシルグダン、シンガポールの港及び空港から海外市場にもより合理的かつ有利に製品を提供することができます。

GNTは、経験豊富な管理者と熟練された技術者のチームに支えられ、ISO9001:2015認証を取得しています。GNTのプラスチク包装ラインアップは幅広く、客様にワンストップソリューションを提供でき、当社ですべて完了することができるサービスを提供しています。例えば、低密度ポリエチレン(LDPE)、 高密度ポリエチレン(HDPE)、ポリプロピレン(PP) 及びラミネ一トフィルム等の様々な樹脂の種類があります。成型方法に関しても、シート、チュ一ブ、ロ一ルやバッグの形で成形することができます。
お客様のご要望や要求仕様を十分に理解した上で、GNTは例えば着色、防錆、帯電防止などといった特殊なご要望に対しても、十分に応えられます。プラスチツクは金属、紙または木箱のような他の包装媒体に比べて、とても特徴のあるものです。一般的に、軽くて安いだけでなく、取り扱いも、生産もしやすいです。リサイクル可能なことも大きな特徴です。可能な限り、すべての生産段階において、GNT のチ一ムは常に環境への配慮を念頭に置き、GNTの製品を再利用またはリサイクル可能にすることです。GNTは社会に対する確固たる意志と責任感を持って活動することで、プラスチツク製品の使用による環境への負担を少なくし、持続可能な発展を維持できる会社作り、人と、環境、地球にやさしい企業を目指します。
Realizing your idea in Packaging

With the strong technical know-how and good knowledge in unique characteristic of each type of resin is a key advantage to our technical staff in designing our client products. Our products can be shaped in the form of sheet, tubing, roll or bag, with choice of various resin such as Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE), High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Polypropylene (PP) & Laminated film. For printed film / bag, GNT will provide technical guidance & advice at the initial stage of flexographic design till fabrication of gravure printing block. A well-planned design and printing blocks will ensure a smooth printing flow and cost effective.

While giving the customer the encouragement and confidence to try out the new packaging idea, we compromised by lowering down our Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). As we are fully aware that our business grows with our customer.

Analyze and scrutinize the client’s product with full awareness pf essential element for the client packaging material, ascertain the necessity of other factors, such as air/water tightness, heat/oil resistance, anti-rust, anti-static, food or industrial grade, transparency & flexibility…etc in the brainstorming session. These additional processes not only enhance the quality or performance of the plastic packaging, but a value added to the finished packed product.

Our referred or new customer always listed our company, GNT on top of their preferred supplier list not only for the reason of pricing or delivery but our sharing of technical information & assistance, advice, mutual understanding & tolerance are the essential factors that our competitor lacking.
New Job Planning & Scheduling
Blowing Flim Process
Printing Process
Bagging and Sealing Process

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         Batu 8, 81300 Skudai, Johor, Malaysia.
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